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The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail-but Some Don’t


Bayes’ Theorem


Diffusion of Innovations

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Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

Chapter 9 – The Talented Tenth

  • It wasn’t long before he was using the Ad Herennium‘s advice about loci and images to study for exams – even to memorize all his notes from entire courses.
  • In 1966, the same year that Frances Yates published The Art of Memory, the first major modern academic work to delve into the rich history of mnemonics, Buzan returned to London to become the editor of Intelligence, the international journal of Mensa, the high-IQ society, which he had joined in college.
  • Buzan called his new system Mind Mapping, a term he later trademarked. One creates a Mind Map by drawing lines off main points to subsidiary points, which branch out further to tertiary points, and so on. Ideas are distilled into as few words as possible and whenever possible are illustrated with images. It’s a kind of outline, exploded radially across the page in a rainbow of colors, a web of associations that looks like a prickly bush, or a neuron’s branching dendrites. And because it is full of colorful images arranged in order across the page, it functions as a kind of memory palace scrawled on paper.
  • What was not realized is that memory is primarily an imaginative process. … “The art and science of memory is about developing the capacity to quickly create images that link disparate ideas. Creativity is the ability to form similar connections between disparate images and to create something new and hurl it into the future so it becomes a poem, or a building, or a dance, or a novel. Creativity is, in a sense, future memory.”



  • 1 – Tiffany
  • 2 – Erin, 耳, 義
  • 3 – Carol, 衫, 參, 山
  • 4 – Lily, 死
  • 5 – Vanessa, 牛, 午
  • 6 – Caroline, 鹿, 綠,
  • 7 – Richard, 漆
  • 8 – Yi-Chun, 發, 扒, bikini
  • 9 – Xena 狗
  • 0 – May 檸, 羚
  • Steve = Stove
  • Lisa = Mona Lisa
  • Heather = Feather
  • Karen = Carrot
  • Doug = Dick

6 Secrets to Startup Success: How to Turn Your Entrepreneurial Passion into a Thriving Business

Chapter 4 – The Pull of the Market

“The greatest danger for a new venture is to “know better” than the customer what the product or service should be.” – Peter Drucker, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Developing a Strong Market Orientation

  • This is why hard work, cool technology, lots of funding, or superior talent won’t, by themselves, guarantee startup success. In fact if the market is right, these attributes might not even be necessary. A founder with questionable skills, little money, and a B-grade product might still launch a business by stumbling into a white-hot market, which can disguise and cure a lot of ills.

Emphasize Your Market

  • Do you see a product being sold or a human need being met? Do you see a hamburger or hunger?
  • In the mid-1990s, Stacy Madison, a Boston social worker, dreamed of opening a health food restaurant. With very little money, she and her business partner, Mark Andrus, decided to start with a small sandwich cart in downtown Boston, selling all0natural pita0wrap sandwiches. Hungry customers were soon forming long lines down the block. To keep them interested while they waited, Stacy and Mark served them seasoned pita chips baked from leftover pita bread. Customers flipped over the chips, convincing Stacy and Mar to package them for sale in stores.

Know Your Market

  • Seth Godin, in his 2005 book, All Marketers Are Liars, wrote that “all marketing is about telling stories … painting pictures they (customers) choose to believe.”


「銀河英雄傳說」(Legend of the Galactic Heroes)對國家、政治、民主、專制、政客、特權階級、唯利是圖的商人、和國民使命等話題都有深刻的探討。完整的故事可以在這兒讀。



  • 『以少勝多是異常的事情,他之所以顯眼,和瘋子在正常人之中會比較顯眼的理由是一樣的。』
  • 『戰爭並非光靠數量的想法,不過是湊不齊數量的人所做的自我正當化辯解罷了。』
  • 『對戰爭而言,最重要的莫過於補給及情報。』
  • 『設法造成狀況的是戰略,而利用狀況的是戰術。』


  • 『因為信念的理由而殺人,其實比為金錢而殺人更下等。因為金錢具有萬人共通的價值,但是信念的價值則僅限定於本人才有用。』
  • 『人類的歷史上,沒有所謂的「絕對的善與絕對的惡」之戰爭,有的只是主觀的善與主觀的惡之間的爭鬥、正義的信念與正義的信念彼此相剋罷了。在單方面的侵略戰爭中,發動侵略的一方都認為自己才是正義的一方,戰爭因而永無止息。只要人類相信神與正義,世界將永無寧日。』
  • 『或許由於絕對的善和完全的惡。這種思想的存在,所以使得人類的精神無限制地荒廢了。自己是善,便將對立者視為是惡的時候,便無法從其中產生協調以及體諒。只不過是將自己加以優越化,並且將打敗對方並加以支配的慾望變成正當化而已。』
  • 『如果死亡真如他們﹝一些主張靈魂不滅、生死輪迴而輕視肉體死亡的宗教﹞所說的那麼美好的話,他們怎麼不讓自己走進死亡試試看呢?』