Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

Chapter 9 – The Talented Tenth

  • It wasn’t long before he was using the Ad Herennium‘s advice about loci and images to study for exams – even to memorize all his notes from entire courses.
  • In 1966, the same year that Frances Yates published The Art of Memory, the first major modern academic work to delve into the rich history of mnemonics, Buzan returned to London to become the editor of Intelligence, the international journal of Mensa, the high-IQ society, which he had joined in college.
  • Buzan called his new system Mind Mapping, a term he later trademarked. One creates a Mind Map by drawing lines off main points to subsidiary points, which branch out further to tertiary points, and so on. Ideas are distilled into as few words as possible and whenever possible are illustrated with images. It’s a kind of outline, exploded radially across the page in a rainbow of colors, a web of associations that looks like a prickly bush, or a neuron’s branching dendrites. And because it is full of colorful images arranged in order across the page, it functions as a kind of memory palace scrawled on paper.
  • What was not realized is that memory is primarily an imaginative process. … “The art and science of memory is about developing the capacity to quickly create images that link disparate ideas. Creativity is the ability to form similar connections between disparate images and to create something new and hurl it into the future so it becomes a poem, or a building, or a dance, or a novel. Creativity is, in a sense, future memory.”



  • 1 – Tiffany
  • 2 – Erin, 耳, 義
  • 3 – Carol, 衫, 參, 山
  • 4 – Lily, 死
  • 5 – Vanessa, 牛, 午
  • 6 – Caroline, 鹿, 綠,
  • 7 – Richard, 漆
  • 8 – Yi-Chun, 發, 扒, bikini
  • 9 – Xena 狗
  • 0 – May 檸, 羚
  • Steve = Stove
  • Lisa = Mona Lisa
  • Heather = Feather
  • Karen = Carrot
  • Doug = Dick

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