Top 10: Ways to Flirt with a Woman Sexually – AskMen

From Top 10: Ways to Flirt with a Woman Sexually, AskMen

10. Speak In A Sexy Way – Think you can turn a woman on with a high-pitched, squeaky voice? Think again. Women pay more attention to your tone of voice than to the words you speak. When you flirt with a woman in a sexual way, work on improving your delivery. Speak slowly, hold eye contact, deepen your voice, and pause. Be careful not to be overly dramatic and cheesy; think James Bond, not Austin Powers. These style-points help you convey powerful sexual undertones in your communications with women and they will help you build attraction and sexual tension fast.

8. Show Her You’re A Stud – Women want men who know how to please them, but you can’t come right out and say: “I’m a great lover.” Instead, use sexual innuendo to indirectly convey this message. For example, say you are at your place making a drink for a woman and she says: “Wow, you’re good at that.” Look her square in the eye and say: “I’m good at a lot of things.” She’ll get the hint that you’re a stud and be dying to find out more.

6. Make “Boring” Conversation Sexy – When most men first meet a woman, they ask her typical, boring questions like: “Where are you from?” and “What do you do for work?” Women usually hate it when guys do this, but you can set yourself apart by using these drab questions to turn things sexual, quickly. For example, when you find out a woman is from, say, Spain, you can say to her: “Hmm, you know what they say about women from Spain, don’t you?” Then let your sly smile and rock-solid eye contact suggest that you know Spanish women are, well, let’s just say a lot of fun.

3. Tell Her She’s Naughty – Another fun way to tease a woman in a sexual way is to accuse her of being “naughty” in her everyday activities. For example, if a woman tells you she was just in the shower, ask her how it was. If she gives any positive response, reply with something like: “Nice shower? Interesting. What exactly were you doing in there that made it so nice? I’m curious.”

2. Let Her Know You Know – Want to know a secret about female sexuality that 99% of men don’t know? Here it is: Many women feel compelled to vacuum their house when they’re ovulating. Some experts believe it has something to do with wanting to “clean the nest” before laying her “egg.” So, when a woman tells you she is vacuuming, say: “Vacuuming? Are you ovulating or something?” She’ll be stunned that you know this and wonder what else you know about female sexuality. Of course, if she doesn’t know what you mean, fill her in. Women love it when you teach them something new — especially about themselves.


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