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The Six Innovation Questions


Creativity and innovation, while not the same thing, both are iterative activities. They both benefit from answering these six questions. – The Six Innovation Questions, DigitalSpark


Top 10: Ways to Flirt with a Woman Sexually – AskMen

From Top 10: Ways to Flirt with a Woman Sexually, AskMen

10. Speak In A Sexy Way – Think you can turn a woman on with a high-pitched, squeaky voice? Think again. Women pay more attention to your tone of voice than to the words you speak. When you flirt with a woman in a sexual way, work on improving your delivery. Speak slowly, hold eye contact, deepen your voice, and pause. Be careful not to be overly dramatic and cheesy; think James Bond, not Austin Powers. These style-points help you convey powerful sexual undertones in your communications with women and they will help you build attraction and sexual tension fast.

8. Show Her You’re A Stud – Women want men who know how to please them, but you can’t come right out and say: “I’m a great lover.” Instead, use sexual innuendo to indirectly convey this message. For example, say you are at your place making a drink for a woman and she says: “Wow, you’re good at that.” Look her square in the eye and say: “I’m good at a lot of things.” She’ll get the hint that you’re a stud and be dying to find out more.

6. Make “Boring” Conversation Sexy – When most men first meet a woman, they ask her typical, boring questions like: “Where are you from?” and “What do you do for work?” Women usually hate it when guys do this, but you can set yourself apart by using these drab questions to turn things sexual, quickly. For example, when you find out a woman is from, say, Spain, you can say to her: “Hmm, you know what they say about women from Spain, don’t you?” Then let your sly smile and rock-solid eye contact suggest that you know Spanish women are, well, let’s just say a lot of fun.

3. Tell Her She’s Naughty – Another fun way to tease a woman in a sexual way is to accuse her of being “naughty” in her everyday activities. For example, if a woman tells you she was just in the shower, ask her how it was. If she gives any positive response, reply with something like: “Nice shower? Interesting. What exactly were you doing in there that made it so nice? I’m curious.”

2. Let Her Know You Know – Want to know a secret about female sexuality that 99% of men don’t know? Here it is: Many women feel compelled to vacuum their house when they’re ovulating. Some experts believe it has something to do with wanting to “clean the nest” before laying her “egg.” So, when a woman tells you she is vacuuming, say: “Vacuuming? Are you ovulating or something?” She’ll be stunned that you know this and wonder what else you know about female sexuality. Of course, if she doesn’t know what you mean, fill her in. Women love it when you teach them something new — especially about themselves.

Former Headhunter Explains How To Answer These 11 Tough Interview Questions

Reposted from Former Headhunter Explains How To Answer 11 Tough Interview Questions, Business Insider, Jul 26, 2012.

When you’re on a job interview, you need to be armed with knowledge better than any other candidate.

We’ve given you some answers to tough interview questions in the past, and now we have some more suggestions for you — from a former headhunter.

“Apart from a healthy and perfectly natural case of pre-performance nerves, the only rational worry you have left is fear of the unknown,” Martin Yate, former director in Training & Development at Dunhill Systems and a career management coach for the past 35 years, writes in his book “Knock ’em Dead 2012: The Ultimate Job Search Guide.”

With Yate’s suggestions, you can now be better prepared for those unexpected questions meant to baffle interviewees.

We compiled some of the toughest questions accompanied with answers and explanations that will get you to the next interview round.

Q: Walk me through your job changes.

Smart answer: “My last company was a family-owned affair. I had gone as far as I was able to go. It just seemed time for me to join a more prestigious company and accept greater challenges.”

Explanation: When an interviewer asks you this, your answer should come from the following acceptable reasons:

  • Challenge: You weren’t able to grow professionally in that position.
  • Location: The commute was unreasonably long.
  • Advancement: There was nowhere for you to go. You had the talent, but there were too many people ahead of you.
  • Money: You were underpaid for your skills and contribution.
  • Pride or prestige: You wanted to be with a better company.
  • Security: The company was not stable.

SourceKnock ’em Dead 2012: The Ultimate Job Search Guide

Q: What interests you least about this job?

Smart answer: “_________ are probably the least demanding part of my job. However, I know they are important for _________, so I do them at the end of the day as part of my performance review and next-day planning.”

Explanation: The question is potentially explosive but easily defused. Regardless of your occupation, there is at least one repetitive, mindless duty that everyone groans about but that nevertheless goes with the territory. Use that as your example.

Notice how this response also shows that you are organized and possess critical thinking and multitasking skills; it also shows you understand that it is necessary to take the rough with the smooth.

SourceKnock ’em Dead 2012: The Ultimate Job Search Guide

Q: What can you do for us that someone else cannot do?

Smart answer: “I bring to this job a determination to see projects through to a proper conclusion. I listen and take direction well. I am analytical and don’t jump to conclusions. I understand we are in business to make a profit, so I keep an eye on cost and return. How do these qualifications fit your needs?”

Explanation: You cannot know other candidates’ capabilities, so smilingly disarm your interviewer with this fact, then say, “But what I bring is…” Your answer will then demonstrate your grasp of the job’s responsibilities, the problems that occur in each area, and how you are prepared to deal with them.


Moving closer to a release, Black Chair Games has provided a new trailer and screenshots for its upcoming platform puzzler LAD.

Featuring an eerie atmosphere with black-and-white silhouettes, the game forces players to move objects around to get to an exit point.

As the game progresses, more obstacles and ways of dying are introduced.

Throughout the app, different parts of the story will be introduced. Earning the in-game achievements will also further tell the cryptic story of LAD and exactly what it stands for. Keeping with the mysterious theme of the title, that’s all the story that the developer has been willing to release.

While taking a large dose of inspiration from the popular LIMBO game, LAD does seemingly have some interesting elements that should make it unique. Here’s the latest trailer with in-game footage. Click here if you can’t see the video.

The Food Truck Revolution: Now Armed With Point-of-Sale iPads

The food truck revolution is in full swing, with chefs on the roll, serving up everything from your basic panini to an artisanal pizza from a 20-foot shipping container equipped with a roaring wood fire.




Based on one estimate, there are three million food trucks and more than five million food carts in the U.S. A reality-TV show called “The Great Food Truck Race” depicts the drama in setting up shop, and the challenges of making a profit.

So it’s no wonder there’s now an iPad-based solution made specifically for the four-wheeled purveyors.

Revel Systems, a two-year-old San Francisco start-up, has created a point-of-sale system for food trucks and quick-service restaurants. It’s available today, to make accepting ordering and payments as simple as possible.

What’s special about this version is that it allows the trucks to accept orders and charge credit cards with little to no wiring, so kitchen crews in cramped quarters don’t accidentally stumble over or chop their lifeline to the Internet. It also enables them to continue taking orders, even when their Internet connection goes down — because that can happen when moving from one street corner to the next.

“Before, you’d have a router and cabling all around; it was one big mess,” said Revel Systems’ co-founder and CTO Chris Ciabarra. “If you want a printer and a display, where do all the cables go?”

Additionally, the software enables food truck owners to update their location, or offer specials via Twitter.

What’s different about this iPad solution from others, like Square, is that it’s focused on the enterprise customer, Ciabarra said.

As traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants like Popeye’s and In-N-Out Burger experiment with food trucks, they want a point-of-sales solutions that isn’t a one-off, but is able to support franchises, he said. ”The food truck industry is booming. All the brands are trying it out.”

Revel also allows merchants to integrate any payment solutions or rewards and gift card programs, including traditional providers like Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and also upstarts like LevelUp. The software also easily tracks what items are selling well, as well as the things that are the most profitable, so truck owners know which items on the menu to emphasize.

Revel, which was founded in September 2010, launched its first product in beta last summer, and has raised $3.7 million in capital.

The company is charging food trucks $2,000 for the package, which includes the iPad, the cash drawer, a printer, the software and the cabling. Each Internet-connected iPad also costs $30 a month. The enterprise version, which has additional features, costs $3,300, and $100 a month.

That’s a lot of tacos.

With 1M downloads, Between shows the promise of couples apps

The latest rage in social apps are private networks built for couples, the latest of which Avocado, was launched last month by ex-Googlers. But are lovers eager to commit their lives to each other through an app, even if it’s dedicated to fostering their relationship? Korean start-up VCNC is showing that some people are ready for just these kinds of services. The company’s app Between has just hit 1 million downloads since launching in private beta in November. It appears to be the first of the dedicated couple apps to hit that milestone.

The free app, available on iOS and Android, allows users to send private messages to each other, build photo albums based on shared pictures, manage anniversaries, compose special messages and leave memos for each other. Half a million users are active on a monthly basis and they are exchanging 4.6 million messages a day, uploading more 350,000 pictures a day and spending 300 minutes a month in the app.

So far, 76 percent of the apps downloads have been in Between’s home market of South Korea and another 15 percent is spread out through Asia. But the app is also growing in the U.S., where it has about 5 percent of its users and faces a lot of competition. In addition to Avocado, there’s Pair and Duet, two other apps aimed couples that have sprung up in recent months.

Jaeuk Park, the CEO of VCNC told me the there’s a growing need for this type of service for couples because many are worried about privacy on other social networks. Privacy was the most important feature cited by Between users in a survey. And he said there’s also a desire for couples to express their feelings for each other without wondering who else is watching.

“Some couples keep things quiet because they don’t want to show off. This is perfect for them because they don’t have to filter anything, it’s all private,” said Park.

Path also went down a similar road, trying to promote a more private social network. But Park said that’s still too open for many couples, who just want a safe space to communicate and build a scrap book of their memories.

As for how to monetize a private network for two, Between is looking at offering a premium version with video messaging, back-ups of pictures and animations. It’s also looking at mobile coupons and the sales of physical goods such as photo books and albums.

I’ve been trying Between out a little bit as a replacement for iMessage on the iPhone. It serves very much like a chat service but it has the added benefit of preserving all your pictures in its own feed with dates and location added. As long as I’m diligent about using it, it really begins to provide a nice service, giving me a private channel with my wife. And it has good replay value because you can go back and easily see just the images you’ve shared.

I think services like Between, Path, Avocado and others can grow because there’s still a lot of couples who could take advantage of a more dedicated communications and social tool. And this could also be lucrative as well. I imagine there are plenty of advertisers who would love to reach out to mobile savvy couples, offering them coupons on dinners for two, gifts and flowers.