Lie to Me

  • “Sometimes we are meant to fall in love with someone we shouldn’t love or break up with someone we can’t break up with.” – Ki Joon
  • “She is sloppy, careless, and has many flaws here and there, but she is so honest and innocent like she‘s still a kid.” – Ki Joon
  • On the day I was supposed to meet your aunt, you were probably very angry that I didn’t keep my promise, right? I’m really very sorry. But I found what I’ve been looking for. It’s just like you said when you were here. Time has no end and leaves no sign. Space is infinite and leaves no mark. We met in one place and the two of us became one. And in that limitless space, I can meet you in mind and soul. What an unbelievable fate it was. What a beautiful miracle it was. I experienced that. And in the end, I’ve found my lost heart. Here at this museum where the past and the present constantly revolve around each other. Even though it took a long time, I now have the certainty that I can run to you. Thank you for waiting for me. And I love you.

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